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Lionheads’ Return & Reuse Program

Lionheads has a return and reuse program. Each aluminum or glass container that is returned to us, customers receive a $1 discount for each container on their next Lionheads’ purchase. Containers must be cleaned in the inside, but don’t worry about removing the labels. The reason why the containers must be cleaned is that after a certain period of time, with residue remaining inside the container, mold forms. The containers must also be in good condition – no chips or dents. We’ve received some really old containers covered in black mold and couldn’t reuse them – smelly and no fun! Lionheads must receive the cleaned containers first before the discount can be applied. In the event that we receive the containers after your purchase, we will apply the discount to your next purchase. These offers cannot be combined with any other discount offers. If you can’t return the containers, please rinse and recycle them!

If you don’t plan on returning the containers, please recycle or reuse:)

PS. That’s just a cute picture of our Yoko.