Responsible Living

Why Not Green Holiday Gifts?

Still looking for gifts? Go green! Below are several gift ideas that are eco-friendly.

  1. Lunapads isn’t just a Canadian company that sells organic cotton reusable pads (if you don’t want to order the pads online, I know Karma Food Co-op sells them). They also sell the softest Colibri Organic Cotton Wash Cloths. I use them to wipe off the last traces of makeup after cleansing and they are oh so gentle and soft! After, I fold them in half and use the clean side to apply my toner. No more cotton pads. Zero waste.
  2. Synthetic fibers (aka microfibers) are one of leading types of pollution found in our oceans. They come from clothing made from polyester, nylon, etc. They leach toxins into our water and harm fish. Patagonia sells the Guppyfriend Washing Bag, which significantly reduces the amount of microfibers that enter our rivers and oceans. Just in case you didn’t know, Patagonia is suing Donald Trump for opening up Bears Ears and Grand Staircase National Monuments to drilling and mining. This company is committed to protecting our environment.
  3. MEC is also a great place to shop for responsible gifts. Many of their products are at least partly made from recycled fibers. All MEC and Patagonia down parkas are ethically sourced. I recently purchased MEC’s vegan Aleutian Parka. No fur or down and made with lining from recycled fibers. It is so warm (too warm on some days!) and so comfortable. This parka is on sale now. My last parka was a North Face one. It was triple the price, not made with ethical down or vegan, and so uncomfortable (so stiff).
  4. Does one of your loved ones tell you that they don’t want a gift and that they don’t need anything? Donate to Greenpeace (they are leading to protect the Arctic from oil drilling), Ecojustice (they use law to defend nature), Civix (a non-partisan registered charity devoted to building engaged and informed youth and a healthy democracy).