Responsible Living

Green Gift-Giving Ideas

I love Lee Valley. If I need something for my home or if I want to get a gift, this is always my first stop (of course, after checking out some vintage shops first). They sell neat and useful gadgets that are eco-friendly and made to last (quality!). They also sell many plastic-free games and toys that teach problem-solving skills and non-violence play (unlike most video games and toys out there today).

Here are my top picks:

  1. Seally Cap Covers – Forget about disposable plastic wrap and use these silicone covers instead. They are super stretchy and are easy to clean.
  2. Stainless Steel Chain Scrubber – No need to buy and throw out those wire scouring pads or those green ones after a few uses. This can be used (effortlessly) forever and it works. Amazing on cast iron.
  3. Magnetic Spot Scubber – This reusable scrubber can reach the most difficult places and it is reusable forever. A great stocking stuffer!
  4. Book Darts – These reusable metal darts eliminate the need for sticky notes, highlighters, and bookmarks. The perfect gift for students, teachers, or book lovers.