Our Story

Lionheads is a small business based in Toronto, Canada, that promotes “green” (responsible) living through its products. Its products are reusable and most of the products are made with 100% cotton fabric. An upcycled line of products are available through custom orders. The ingredients used to make the skin care and beauty products are vegan and mostly organic and non-GMO.

The owner, Carmen So, a passionate environmentalist, started this business to share her eco-friendly, vegan products with others who also wish to take small steps in caring for this planet.

One of Carmen’s big pushes in starting this business came when she realized that the best way to reduce waste is to make things herself. Primarily, by making things herself, she realized that packaging is significantly reduced. She tries her utmost to be eco-friendly in her business practices as well: re-purposed, upcycled, recyclable and recycled materials are used whenever possible, in shipping and packaging.

Carmen’s partner, a seasoned environmentalist, introduced her to a local food co-op and things took off from there. She started buying products that were organic, made or grown locally, became a vegetarian as she learned about the environmental impact of her consumer and lifestyle choices. Then she started to buy in bulk and use reusable bags. At one point, she couldn’t find something as simple as a reusable cotton bulk bag with a zipper without any synthetic lining. That’s when she learned how to sew.

A few years ago, Carmen developed a condition known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). She became allergic to chemicals found in food, household and cosmetic products. This led her onto a DIY journey. Partly out of necessity, she developed a passion for healthy cooking and an interest in making her own cosmetics and healing potions. The “Make No Scents” section of this site is dedicated to educating the public about MCS.

Carmen shares her favorite vegan recipes and reviews of ethical products and services on this blog.  Her products are available for purchase. She lives in Toronto with her partner and two Lionhead bunnies Snowden and Yoko.