Responsible Living

My Favourite Vintage Shops

The holidays are just around the corner. Why not choose vintage goods? Buying second-hand is eco-friendly in that you are not using new resources and energy to produce a new item. In addition, I find that vintage items were made to last – therefore they are better quality. Finally, the items may be more unique because they are not mass-produced.

Below are my favourite vintage shops – I hope you like them too!

  1. Ransack the Universe is a little gem located in Bloordale Village between Dufferin and Landsdowne. It is packed with all sorts of goodies – everything from records, clothing, furniture, jewelry to kitchenware. Unlike many vintage stores, most of their clothing is truly “vintage”; you’ll rarely find clothing from the Gap or H&M in there. The last time we were there, we got some dishes, hankies, a spaghetti lamp, and a warming plate (for food).
  2. Bungalow is located in the heart of Kensington Market. They have the best selection of vintage furniture. Absolutely beautiful pieces! They have a variety of clothing for both men and women that are neatly organized. Their vintage jewelry collection is pretty good too. Plus, they regularly have sales. They also sell non-vintage items like clothing and locally-made jewelry.
  3. O’Hara’s is one of the best antique shops in Ontario. They don’t have a website. Their address is 2544 County Rd 3, Carrying Place, ON K0K 1L0. You can practically find anything there. Such friendly staff too. The last time we were there, we purchased some nice benches and chairs for our dining room table.
  4. Twindmills Market is located in Colborne (next to the Big Apple). What’s neat about this place is that there are various vendors that showcase their vintage goods there. You can find vintage jars, Coca Cola signs, train sets, furniture, and more there.
  5. Currie’s Music and Antiques is located in Gravenhurst. This place is hands-down my top pick. First of all, the building itself is very cool. They have vintage music instruments, records, t-shirts, etc. They have an antique selection that can keep you in there for hours (I think we spend almost 4 hours in there!). They have tea sets, old games, furniture, gadgets, art, and so much more.