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Lionheads’ Quinoa & Peanut Salad

Unlike our Lionhead bunnies, I’m not a fan of eating carrots. I’m also not that fond of sauerkraut. But I know that these foods are packed with health benefits. I incorporated my partner’s love of peanuts to a sweet and tangy dressing and voila! Now, this fibre- and protein-packed salad is a household favourite and it is super simple to make.

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Soaps – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Like many people, I always believed that using "anti-bacterial" soaps were necessary. However, recent scientific studies have shown that soaps containing such "anti-bacterial" chemicals as triclosan, do not help reduce bacteria. In fact, they are harmful to you and the environment. In the United States, the FDA has ordered companies that use these chemicals to stop using them.