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Top 10 vegan options in non-vegan restaurants

Having trouble finding vegan options at non-vegan restaurants? Tired of eating fries? Here are some great places to checkout:)

  1. Il Fornello – This Italian restaurant offers a FULL vegan menu with appetizers, mains (pizza and pasta), and dessert. They also offer the Beyond Meat burger!
  2. Gourmet Vegetarian – This Chinese vegetarian restaurant in Richmond Hill can accommodate vegans – you just have to tell them to make everything dairy- and egg-free. They do use MSG, but you can tell them to not add it. The lemon “chicken” (unfortunately, I discovered that this contains dairy, so I no longer order this) and fried taro fish are some of my favourites.
  3. Wutai Vegetarian Restaurant – This vegetarian restaurant in Markham offers healthier Chinese food (less oil and no msg). Their food is phenomenal, but expensive. Unfortunately, their Woodbine location is permanently closed and they are planning to re-open at another location to be determined.
  4. Little Sito – Their Miriam’s Plate is one of my favourite meals. Their grape leavesĀ  and eggplant stew are also very yummy (just remember to order without laban (yogurt)). They recently started to offer vegan ice cream made with oat milk and aquafaba (leftover from all the chickpeas). YOU MUST TRY THE PISTACHIO FLAVOUR. This is a homemade and family-run restaurant with wonderful staff and an amazing owner.
  5. Madras Masala – This hole-in-the-wall South Indian restaurant is located right next to Banjara. They offer many vegan options in the form of dosas and Indo-Chinese food.
  6. Banjara – This Indian restaurant offers the traditional fare and has many vegan options, but be sure to mention that you are a vegan. Their poori is exceptional, but not the same as naan (which isn’t vegan). I wish there was a place that offered vegan naan! FYI, their roti is really bad.
  7. Coo – Coo is an authentic Japanese fusion restaurant operated by a very talented Japanese chef and his family. Their vegan tempura, agadashi tofu, beet salad, and quinoa spring rolls are super delicious.
  8. North of Brooklyn – They offer vegan (Daiya) mozzarella for their pizzas. I love their Margherita:) They make the lightest, croissant-like pizza crusts.
  9. Terroni – I’m not sure why the vegan menu isn’t available on their website, but they posted it in social media. They do not have as many options as Il Fornello.
  10. Local Public Eatery – There is only one vegan option at this Leaside pub and it’s fantastic. Try their Superpowers Bowl.

I didn’t want to add this option in my top 10, but Pizza Pizza offers really good vegan cheese on their pizzas. So, if you’re in a hurry…