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Lionheads’ Arrabiata Pasta

When I wrote this original post, we had fresh garlic and zucchini in the garden and these ultra yummy whole green olives in the fridge. Not only did this dish satisfy my craving but it was delicious! Now we’re in the thick of winter and this dish does a nice job of warming us up:)

Gluten-Free, Vegan
Serves 2-3 Time: About 30 minutes

710ml  Bistro Marinara (I absolutely love Mia’s – they don’t have that “chemical” flavour that others have – including organic ones!)
3 tbs extra virgin olive oil (I used Ilias n’ Sons’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil; it’s simply the best!)
2-3 rounded tsp Terroni’s Peperoncini Piccante or your favourite hot sauce
1.5 tbsp garlic, minced
14 whole green olives, sliced (I used Silver Leaf Organic Green Olives(pitted), which are in extra virgin olive oil – you have to try these)
2-3 servings of GF penne (I like Tinkyada)
2 medium zucchinis, sliced
Salt and pepper

1. Prepare your pasta (enough for 2-3 people) – make sure you cook it al dente. Set aside.
3. Prepare all of the other veggies while you are cooking your pasta.
4. Add 2 tbsp of the olive oil to the pan. Fry the garlic on medium-high heat until its golden brown. Reduce heat to medium. Add olives and the Peperoncini Piccante. Stir well. Add the tomato sauce. Stir.
5. Add 1 tbsp of the olive oil to another pan on medium-high heat. Add the zucchini. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper. Turn them over after about 2 minutes or when they are browned. Sprinkle with pepper again. Turn off heat.
6.  Add noodles and stir. After two minutes (or when the pasta is hot enough), turn off heat. Add desired amount of salt and pepper.
7. Bon appetit:)

1. I used spaghetti here because I was craving it, but I think it would taste better with the traditional pairing of penne pasta instead.
2. You can also substitute the green olives with black olives.

  1. I wasn’t paid by any of the companies mentioned above – I just love their products.