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REVIEW – Brush with Bamboo

I’ve never really thought about my toothbrush, even though it’s made from plastic. Sure, I’ve seen those alternative toothbrushes at the store but never made the switch. According to Brush with Bamboo, over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes end up in oceans and landfills every year.

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Lionheads’ Easy Vegan Broth for Soup Noodles

This is another simple meal I go to when stretched for time. I love Asian noodles in soup! There are so many options for this soup. Try it with rice noodles, millet noodles, dumplings, or even gluten-free conchiglie (shell pasta)! Add your favourite veggies and protein too.

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LIONHEADS’ Dumpling Filling

When I had to stop eating gluten, there were a few things that I really missed – one of them was Asian dumplings. I found a great recipe for gluten-free pot stickers from Andrea Nguyen’s blog Viet World Kitchen. Even though making pot stickers from scratch is time-consuming, the chewy gluten-like texture is well worth it. As always, I try to incorporate as much protein as I possibly can so I created a dumpling filling with quinoa. Yes, quinoa! These dumplings were a hit with my gluten-loving family over Chinese New Year last week.

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Lionheads’ Cashews & Green Beans Spicy Fried Rice

Many people like to order spicy green beans at their local Chinese restaurant. While it is yummy, the green beans are deep fried and the sauce contains a lot of sodium (and gluten for those who are gluten-sensitive). Here is a healthier option that is full of fiber and protein. Most importantly, it is super simple to make.

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Lionheads’ Fried Rice

You can really put anything in fried rice, but this combination of dinosaur organic kale, sweet corn, peas, curried tofu, and organic alfalfa sprouts really shines. I’m going to be posting a series of easy and simple recipes for back to school/work in the coming weeks and this is one of them. These make great lunches or a quick dinner.

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Lionheads’ Quinoa & Peanut Salad

Unlike our Lionhead bunnies, I’m not a fan of eating carrots. I’m also not that fond of sauerkraut. But I know that these foods are packed with health benefits. I incorporated my partner’s love of peanuts to a sweet and tangy dressing and voila! Now, this fibre- and protein-packed salad is a household favourite and it is super simple to make.